Sim & Record, LLP provides motion services to attorneys on a contingency basis.

Drafting motions, oppositions and replies can be extremely time consuming. All law offices can become inundated with motions. This is where the attorneys at Sim & Record, LLP can help.

We have the experience and ability to assist you in drafting persuasive, competent and winning motions or oppositions on a contingency fee basis.

It has been our experience that a successful motion requires careful review of the facts of the case to ensure important details are not overlooked and disregarded. It is these very same details that can be indispensable to a favorable ruling.

With an emphasis on the details, we can draft effective and persuasive winning motions, oppositions and replies to achieve a favorable outcome.

The combination of experience and concentrated attention to details is the cornerstone of each motion and opposition that we draft.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs with you.